Retirements Revision Pages

Number Crunching and Taking Action

For Number Crunching:

Take a look at an individual Case Study from the Number Crunching column.

Calculate the RETIREMENT benefits payable (using the appropriate Scheme Booklet and Tables of Factors).

Check your answers against the answers provided in the Answer column.

For Taking Action:

For the chosen Case Study, write a letter to the trustees/member to communicate the RETIREMENT benefits payable and the action to be taken.

Compare the contents of your letter with the information required to be communicated from the Taking Action column.


XYZ Pension and Life Assurance Scheme (CAT A)

Case StudyNumber CrunchingAnswerTaking Action

Elizabeth BannisterCase StudyAnswerLetter
Lawrence LandyCase StudyAnswerLetter
Lorna BayiCase StudyAnswerLetter
Martina ElliotCase StudyAnswerLetter
Stephen WalkerCase StudyAnswerLetter

XYZ Pensions and Life Assurance Scheme (CAT B)

Case StudyNumber CrunchingAnswerTaking Action

Angela RoseCase StudyAnswerLetter
Arthur SimmonsCase StudyAnswerLetter
James BedfordCase StudyAnswerLetter
Jane FosterCase StudyAnswerLetter
Mark GoaterCase StudyAnswerLetter

RST Career Average Earnings Scheme

Case StudyNumber CrunchingAnswerTaking Action

Christopher BeattieCase StudyAnswerLetter
Jessica MarinerCase StudyAnswerLetter
Paula MillsCase StudyAnswerLetter
Samuel WarkCase StudyAnswerLetter
Stanley OsborneCase StudyAnswerLetter

OPQ Retirement and Death Benefits Plan

Case StudyNumber CrunchingAnswerTaking Action

Amy ReesCase StudyAnswerLetter
Jane WilsonCase StudyAnswerLetter
Joseph DellerCase StudyAnswerLetter
Petula BristowCase StudyAnswerLetter
Stephen LoweCase StudyAnswerLetter