Transfers in and Out Overview

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Version of the online learning programme Determine Pension Scheme Transfer In and Transfer Out Benefits, one of the units that make up the Pensions Management Institute's Vocational Qualification examinations.

The Case Studies and Worked Answers are labelled 2023-2024. These have been updated to reflect current practice and are based on the revised Scheme Booklets and Tables of Factors. In addition to familiarising themselves with the Scheme Booklets and Tables of Factors, learners are strongly advised to read the Key Features document which has been released at the same time. This document details all key changes for 2023-2024 and provides guidance on what additional information will be expected to be provided in the Case Studies and Letters

Please be mindful that, although covering numerous scenarios, the case studies cannot cover each and every permutation on which learners may be tested in the examinations. 

Latest News

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Certificate in Pensions Calculations